Defense Spending Modifications Affected Naval Aviation Enterprise Readiness

Vice Adm. Mike Shoemaker, commander of the Naval Air Forces, said at the 61st Annual Tailhook Convention held Saturday that the ripple effects of defense spending cuts have impacted readiness efforts across the Naval Aviation Enterprise.

He told audience during the convention that a proposed $1 billion budget increase for naval aviation programs would help the service branch sustain readiness, the U.S. Navy said Tuesday.

At the same event, Vice Adm. Paul Grosklags, commander of the Naval Air Systems Command, said he expects NAVAIR’s efforts to modernize Naval Aviation Enterprise fleet readiness centers to result in the production of approximately 500 basic aircraft during 2017.

He added that additional funds will help the Navy update technical publications and training equipment as well as hire additional technology representatives and engineers who can support the flight line.


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