Defend right to life in health care debate | Opinion

During the recent political debates over the proposed repeal of the Affordable Health Care Act (AKA Obamacare), one of the major stumbling blocks for any action one-way or another was pre-existing medical conditions. To the many sick, the loss of pre-existing condition insurance coverage I believe could become a death sentence, especially those suffering from cancer or a major illness. I believe repealing the act would have made it all but impossible to purchase new insurance coverage. Thus, with the looming possibility of losing their coverage and being unable to obtain any new coverage, how saddening it was to read some of the letters from these families desperately pleading for the lives of their sick children to their congressman and senators.

What was missing during this time period was the lack of anything, not even a single word from any one of the groups or individuals professing to support the right to life concept or the churches that preach the sanctity of life, and not a word from the politicians who wrap and cloak themselves in the right to life blanket. The plight of these families and children who were being handed a possible death sentence from this legislation was extremely bleak.

I can only shake my head in total disbelief, as to me, the words “right to life” has now become a misnomer or even perhaps “fake words.” It will be interesting how some will try to justify their actions or lack of? Perhaps those that aspire to this belief might be better suited to change their title to Right to Birth or the Sanctity of Birth, to me, a much more accurate description.

We all have our soap box that we like to stand on, and as I see it, “you stand for something, or you stand for nothing.”


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