Defeat mindless Republicans for their cruel health care votes

The most important activity a concerned Democrat must engage in the next several months is electing qualified Democratic Congresspeople to Washington.

The first one we have to work against is the Republican from a southern California district named Dana Rohrabacher of Coronado. He came to my attention because he actually asked if a human civilization had ever existed on Mars.

Our own representative, Devin Nunes of Tulare, might have asked the same question, but he had enough sense to keep quiet.

Now here is a quote about health care from Rohrabacher’s own web site: “’I believe that Americans have a fundamental right to seek access to health insurance and that the government should not inhibit individuals from seeking that access.”

No health care, of course, just insurance. And you don’t have it, but you can seek it! Wow!

He and Nunes, voted for the vicious, cruel health bill that the House passed without reading a while ago. Do not let up on these mindless men we have elected, and remember always that we can defeat them in 2018 – and that is next year!


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