Datis Khodro to co-produce cars with leading manufacturer in near future

Following the historic nuclear deal and the implementation of JCPOA, joint agreements between foreign car manufacturers and Iranian partners opened a new chapter in the automotive industry; automakers returned home full-handed, from France, to produce joint cars in Iran.

Datis Khodro, as one of the largest privately owned complex, is announcing a joint venture with a leading automotive manufacturer in the near future.

Milad Alinaghi, CEO of Datis Khodro, who had previously started his work providing specialized repair services to hybrid vehicles in Iran, while stressing that the protection of the environment and reducing air pollutants, especially in metropolitan areas, are among the priorities of Datis, added “for the realization of a clean and non-pollutant city, Datis Khodro has put among its priorities the development of clean transportation and providing service infrastructure to make using hybrid vehicles easier for the people and governmental agencies.”

To this end, the company is scheduled to provide hybrid and electric motorcycles, with the highest possible quality as part of Datis Khodro’s road map for the development of clean transportation in the country.

Alinaghi, who holds the exclusive representative of Heico Sportiv cars in Iran, announced that the world’s leading complex is going to take a huge step and begin joint car production in Iran.

He added that Datis holding team, importing CBU cars to Iran in the first step and with the priority to provide standard after-sales services to the imported cars, opened a new chapter in the market of foreign cars in the country. Subsequently, Datis Co., with holding exclusive representative of Heico Sportiv cars in Iran and offering extensive after-sale services for Volvo automobiles, paved the way for the arrival of the latest models of Volvo in Iran with proper guarantee and services.

CEO of Datis Khodro, underlining the remarks of Leader of Islamic Revolution on employment and domestic production in the country, announced the third step of the company to further boost Iran’s automobile market, is to develop a production line and assembly of one of the key brands of the world.

Alinaghi noted that the final step for the sign of a joint venture agreement with one of the world’s leading car makers is ongoing and Datis will enter the market from the first half of next year, to produce automobiles inside the country.

He announced the fourth step of the company to maintain in the country’s car market, is to advantage of joint ventures between Datis Holding Co. and its foreign partner, adding that the next phase of automobile production in the country will be developed through joint ventures, and the products inside Iran will be available in regional markets as the company’s exports.

Pointing out that the agreement for joint venture is in final stages, Alinaghi said the details of cooperation and co-products will be announced in the near future.



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