Dassault Reaches New Heights with 2,500th Falcon

Dassault Aviation announced on Thursday that it has delivered its 2,500th business jet—a Falcon 900LX that was handed over at Dassault’s Little Rock Completion Center to a long-time Falcon customer based in the U.S. The milestone comes 52 years after the first Falcon—a Model 20—was delivered to launch customer Pan Am.

Over the half century it has been in operation, the Falcon fleet has amassed an amazing 17.8 million hours of flight time with some 1,230 operators in 90 countries around the world,” said Dassault Aviation chairman and CEO Eric Trappier. “Moreover, of the 2,500 Falcons delivered to date, more than 2,100 are still flying—which is a clear testament to the high quality and robustness of our Falcons and the dedication of those who support them.”

According to Dassault, Falcons have led the way in introducing new technologies to business aviation since they entered service in 1965, including the first supercritical wing, head-up display, digital flight controls, and product life-cycle management modeling system. The company also led the way in optimizing AOG support, notably through FalconResponse, “with its first-of-a-kind alternative lift offering.” FalconResponse employs a pair of dedicated Falcon 900s based in the U.S. and Europe, and has flown more than 300 missions since it was launched two years ago. More than 40 percent of FalconResponse missions make use of alternate lift.


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