Curing cancer not an alternative to health care | Voice Of The People

I am very confused. Why was Paul Ryan a speaker at the Aug. 4 Kenosha Relay for Life? Was he invited? Or did he invite himself so that he could hype a bill passed in November regarding finding a cure for cancer?

Finding a cure for cancer cannot be considered as an alternative to providing adequate health insurance for all.

Mr. Ryan is a politician who has repeatedly, and happily, tried to yank health insurance from multi-millions of American citizens. Didn’t we all see a huge smile on his face during the beer celebration at the White House a few weeks ago when the first step for taking away insurance for millions passed Mr. Ryan’s House of Representatives?

How are we supposed to benefit from these “new cures for cancer” if we don’t have health insurance to pay for them?

I hope that future Relays for Life have speakers who really care for all Americans, including the uninsured and under-insured. Mr. Ryan should not be a future speaker.

Janet Eppers

Beach Park, Ill.


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