Coons releases statement on bipartisan Affordable Care Act hearings – News – Middletown Transcript

Sen. Chris Coons released a statement Sept. 6 in support of the bipartisan Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee hearings to improve the Affordable Care Act.

“Today marks the first of many bipartisan hearings in the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions focused on improving the ACA. I have said for years that the ACA isn’t perfect, and I’m excited to see my colleagues working across the aisle to find solutions for some of the legislation’s most pressing issues. As senators on the committee hear testimony from governors, insurance commissioners, and other health care stakeholders, I hope they can begin to find a path toward stabilizing premiums in the individual insurance market, expanding coverage, and lowering health care costs,” Coons said.

“I believe these hearings will provide the opportunity for lawmakers to take a broader look at what’s driving up health care costs in the United States. Crafting a health care system that works for all Americans is no easy task,” Coons said. “But the ACA provides a solid foundation from which Republicans and Democrats should be able to find common ground, and these hearings are a platform for debating and passing health care legislation that works for us all. I am optimistic that, together, we can find a bipartisan solution for fixing the ACA.”


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