CNATT open house showcases aviation training for 2nd MAW

The Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training hosted an open house at Marine Corps Air Station New River, Friday.

The open house was designed to show leaders from 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing the training available for Marines.

“The open house is to show the (2nd Marine Aircraft Wing) how we can assist them with their maintenance readiness training for their maintenance technicians to be better at their craft and better at their mission,” said Lt. Col. Chris Kinsey, commanding officer for CNATT. “To make the readiness at 2nd MAW increase.”

CNATT is an entry level school house for aviation technical training for the military. The school offers advanced courses and allows service members who need a refresher to get back to speed with hands on training.

“Maintenance troubleshooting is a perishable skill, so as you get away and help with recruiting or help with special billets, you lose that craft,” said Kinsey. “Going through the school house, getting a refresher, turning wrenches and doing some troubleshooting on our aircraft, will help them get back up to speed.”

CNATT is an aviation school that aims to help Marines who work on the flight lines.

“When it comes to avionics, troubleshooting its kind of an art form. The course provides them skills and knowledge to more effectively troubleshoot avionics,” said Capt. Shawn Miller, the operations officer for CNATT. “Readiness on the flight line is a constant battle. We’re only budgeted for so much, and the one thing we can affect on the flight line is our ability to do proper troubleshooting and maintenance.”

Some of the military occupational specialties that can come to the school are helicopter mechanics, helicopter airframe mechanics and tiltrotor mechanics, among other mechanics and technicians.

“We’re part of the Carolina (Marine Air Ground Task Force) and we’re here to help so these squadrons can go forward and do great things,” said Kinsey.

To contact CNATT to get Marines into the courses, call the learning standards office chief at 449-5027.


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