Climb to New Heights Safely with Ladder Industries’ Aviation Products in booth #C7023 at NBAA, Oct. 10-12, in Las Vegas

Waukesha, WI – September 22, 2017 – Ladder Industries, now the Access service line of Wildeck, Inc., is exhibiting its custom-built platforms, ladders and stands that help get aviation maintenance technicians safely and efficiently off the ground, in booth #C7023 at the National Business Aviation Association convention (NBAA), Oct. 10-12, in Las Vegas.

Wildeck Access aviation products are designed in tandem with leading aircraft and helicopter MROs, ensuring full functionality and user friendliness for technicians. Delivering products built to exact standards for the aviation industry means its products not only perform well, but are in compliance with aviation standards and codes for safety and ergonomics.

NBAA attendees can get an up-close look at two custom helicopter work stands in booth #C7023.

The Special Purpose Super Duty Rolastair™ helicopter work stand provides safe and effective access to helicopters and aircraft. The Rolastair mobile rolling ladders can be easily moved from one location to another. Once in position, the Rolastair™ provides a safe, sturdy and secure platform for technicians to perform their job.

A second ladder on display is a custom designed helicopter work stand that can be positioned at an angle for perfect access to service helicopter engines and rotors. The support legs lock in place during use, and retract into the ladder during movement or storage. The ladder also comes with casters for easy movement between stations. 

These two ladders, as well as Wildeck Access’ full line of mobile ladder stands and platforms, provide aircraft manufacturing and maintenance personnel with safe and effective access to inspect, assemble, repair, service and maintain a wide range of equipment for the aerospace industry.

The acquisition of Goodyear, Arizona-based Ladder Industries in 2013 has nicely complemented Wildeck’s offering of material handling products, including structural steel platforms, automated vertical lifts (VRCs), rideable material lifts (RMLs), facility access solutions, and safety guarding products. Founded in 1976, Wildeck products improve supply chain productivity and provide additional capacity, efficiency, safety, and access in manufacturing plants, warehouses, distribution centers, and many other facilities. They are sold through a dedicated and experienced network of customer-service-oriented dealers and systems integrators nationwide. It is expected that by the end of 2017, Ladder Industries will be known as the Access service line of Wildeck, Inc.

Waukesha, Wisconsin-based Wildeck is a member of FMA (Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International), MHI (Material Handling Industry Association), MHEDA (Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association), and the NAEC (National Association of Elevator Contractors).

To learn how Wildeck Access (formerly Ladder Industries) aviation products and solutions can benefit you, visit them in booth #C7023 at the National Business Aviation Association convention, Oct. 10-12, in Las Vegas.

Wildeck, Inc. is a subsidiary of Holden Industries, a 100% Employee-Owned Company. Please contact Kelly Kamlager, Marketing Manager at 800-325-6939,, for more information on solutions and the service lines of Wildeck® and Wildeck Access (formerly Ladder Industries) products and services; or visit, or e-mail


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