Chinese groups would be interested in buying Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Chinese groups would be interested in buying Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

According to Automotive News , the FCA group was open to a possible sale for two years but no serious proposal had been made … until today. On the upward slope, Italo-American society would attract certain Chinese groups. A bid slightly higher than the FCA value, considered too low, would have been rejected recently.

Recently, FCA executives met with Great Wall officials in China , and a Chinese delegation was reportedly seen at FCA offices in Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA. The sources would diverge as to the identity of the Chinese groups that would consider buying FCA. We would talk about Dongfeng , Geely or even Guangzhou Automobile Group.

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US brands in the viewfinder
If FCA were to be bought out by a Chinese group, it could first separate from Alfa Romeo and Maserati which would become like Ferrari independent brands under the control of the Exor holding company that belongs to the Agnelli family.

The deal would therefore focus on Fiat and the US brands of the group, including Jeep and Ram , the two most profitable. This would allow the supposed Chinese acquirer to invest in the coveted Western markets, particularly in the United States, without fear of a lack of image or quality. The Chinese government is pushing its domestic companies to buy foreign companies.

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