Cbus Next podcast: Health care, medical advancements in Columbus – News – The Columbus Dispatch

In the eleventh episode we talk about health care and what we expect to see in the next twenty years, what telemedicine is and how it will be used in the future, we also describe the very robust ORIEN database that’s expected to be built. We finally explain what role that Columbus will play in all of these medical, technological advancements.

Columbus is poised to be on the forefront of much of the new technology, being home to four major health systems, a medical college and research teams and clinicians working to advance care. Dr. John Barnard, president of the Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, said he expects the city to be a leader in tissue engineering and genomics, and to be a model of good health for the rest of the nation to follow.

Read more at cbusnext.com and find more of our podcasts at Dispatch.com/podcasts.


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