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Bowman Aviation Festival to honor veterans

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Members of the Armed Forces will be honored this month at Bowman Field for the annual Aviation Heritage and Military Festival.

Organizers say the two-day event will be filled with fun and an educational tour of civilian and military aviation including displays of vintage military equipment and supplies.

The event used to be two separate events – the Bowman Aviation Festival that started in 2016 which is building to the facility’s centennial. The Spirit of 45 was the second event – a commemoration of the ending of World War II.

Now the two have merged for a grand celebration.

“A chronological timeline if you will, in the hangar of the central American airways. Well, you’ll walk in one way and see World War I and you’ll come out the other end, close to the first Iraqi war. But then outside you have all of the civilian airplanes some of which are even giving rides,” Dell Courtney, Bowman Field Aviation & Military Heritage Festival, said.

All military veterans current, active duty and reservists will be celebrated.

The event will be held Oct. 14 and Oct. 15.

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