BMW Possibly Teases X7 Ahead of 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show

Ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show, BMW is teasing something big and we think we may just know what it is—the new and never before seen, BMW X7.

“We’re redefining luxury with something big on September 8th. Stay tuned,” read the pre-dawn tweet sent from BMW USA’s Twitter account.

As you can see from the photo that goes along with the caption above, it’s hard to discern any of the car’s details, let alone any badge designation that could tell us outright. However, thanks to Adobe Photoshop, we were able to dive a little deeper into the vague black and white photo.

We first must address the most unique feature of the car in question, that absolutely lovely Y-brace panoramic glass roof. This design aesthetic is superb and gives the large automobile a soft and elegant flourish that BMW isn’t known for, but is truly welcome in this car.

As we look through the glass roof, we can see that there are, at least, four executive-style seats and a central infotainment center similar to the current 7 Series.

This certainly points to this teased image actually being the upcoming X7 as BMW has already stated that the upcoming SUV will be based on the 7 Series sedan’s architecture.

The X7 will also share its architecture with the Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV set to debut in the very near future.

Lastly, the hood is very reminiscent of the current generation X5’s hood. From the indent it appears to almost shovel BMW’s famous Roundel, to the subtle bulges near the fenders, and the signature kidney grille that appears to be encased in an aluminum-like finish, everything screams BMW SUV.

Everything then, seems to point toward BMW’s X7 debuting later this week. However, until then, we won’t know exactly what this car is.

For all we know, this could be a 7 Series Touring or 7 Series GT. But if we were betting men and women, our money would be on it being the X7.

Stay tuned, the Frankfurt Motor Show runs from September 14-24.



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