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Bible verse, health care, Better Deal, politics

Bible verse shouldn’t have been moved

I live in Greeneville but enjoy reading the Knoxville News Sentinel each morning. Once again our elected officials have disregarded the majority who elected them and bowed to the wishes of a small minority. In relocating the Bible verse from its place in the Knoxville Safety Building, they have once again shown their lack of knowledge of the U.S. Constitution. The Establishment Clause they like to cite simply states that Congress shall make no laws establishing a religion. That’s it. In this case, as well as the others that so often make the news, Congress has not enacted any law. Anyone, including the government and its many semi-related branches, as well as any individual, is free to practice Christianity or any other religion. All of us are free to show our faith in a reasonable way.

As for the case law that is also used as an excuse, it is unconstitutional by definition and cannot be legal. The U.S. Constitution expressly forbids the courts from enacting laws. That is left only to Congress. Judges who try to force their opinions on us as law are guilty of misconduct in office and should re removed by the Senate. Our senators need to do their duty for those who elect them and protect our Constitution. Good citizens, if we don’t stand up for our freedoms now, it won’t be long before we will not be able stand up for them. 

Bill Nance, Greeneville, Tenn.


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