Baidu and JAC sign self-driving car agreement

Chinese search engine giant Baidu has announced a partnership with Chinese automobile manufacturer Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Corporation (JAC) regarding the mass production of self-driving cars, The Paper reported on Tuesday.

The two companies plan to begin making the cars during the second half of 2019. Under the terms of the partnership, Baidu will provide JAC with self-driving technology solutions, including high-resolution maps, self-localisation technology, environmental perception and decision programming.

The partnership with JAC is an important part of Baidu’s Apollo plan, which aims to help its partners quickly establish a complete self-driving system. At its launch in April, the Apollo Alliance garnered 50 initial members, including JAC.

Last month, Baidu also announced a cooperation deal with Microsoft, which will provide cloud computing services to the Apollo project outside China through its Azure platform.


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