Aviation museum in Gulfport moving forward | World

An aviation museum that is coming to Gulfport is one step closer to completion.

The board for the museum went in front of the Gulfport City Council to ask for an extension to complete upgrades which are required by contract to be finished by the end of September. The city council voted to give the museum until the end of the year to finish these upgrades.

The project has been in the works for over a decade and those with the museum tell News 25 they are excited about this step forward. Gulfport Aviation Museum Board member Rosemary Roosa said, “We need museums like this that just honor aviation and history to inspire and for people to learn and for Gulfport to have such a museum is going to be a fantastic thing for tourism in the area and for the city. Aviation museums traditionally do very well where ever they are.”

The upgrades will be paid for by donations totaling over $75,000.


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