Aviation Minister apologizes to Public Works Minister over Flydubai spat

HARGEISA – Somaliland’s Aviation Minister, Farhan Adan Haybe, issued a public apology to Public Works and Transportation Minister, Ali Mohamed Hassan over the recent Flydubai debacle, while welcoming Hassan back to the country on Thursday morning.

“On behalf of the Ministry of Aviation, I would like to issue an apology to the Minister of Public Works and Transportation for the inappropriate statements made by the manager of Egal International Airport, ” Haybe said.

Two weeks ago, Egal International Airport manager, Mohamed Yusuf, held a press conference attacking Minister Hassan and the British-Somalilander mother that was forced off the Flydubai flight.

Airport manager, Mohamed Yusuf.

Hassan voluntarily removed himself from the Flydubai flight that was headed for Dubai, after the British-Somalilander mother and her one-year child were kicked off the plane for switching seats with another passenger.

After exiting the plane with the mother and her toddler, Hassan published a public statement on the Ministry’s Facebook page, recounting the incident and condemning Flydubai for ‘oppressing’ a the British-Somalilander mother on Somaliland soil.

Haybe, responded to Hassan’s statement during an emergency press conference on the incident shortly afterwards, publicly questioning Hassan’s relationship with the passenger and staunchly defending Flydubai’s decision to kick the mother off the plane.

Last week, Hassan promised to issue another statement on the incident upon returning to the country during an HCTV interview while he was in Turkey. Hassan did not speak about the incident after his arrival on Thursday.

It is now highly unlikely that Hassan will speak about the incident again, since Minister Haybe issued a public apology.


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