Aviation Flying Because Govt Unlocked Mass-Service Formula: Jayant Sinha

Union minister of state for civil aviation Jayant Sinha feels aviation has grown in India because the government has been able to unlock the “mass-service formula”.

Speak,ing Indian School of Business Leadership Summit here on Friday, he said frugal development was the way forward in the sector. Citing mass services, Sinha gave an example of telecom services. “They used to cost high in India earlier; now, India has the lowest telecom prices. Earlier, 1GB data would cost Rs 1,000, but now the same data costs Rs 11,” he said.

He said the cost of flying was cheapest in India. “When we think of development going forward, it is the trajectory we are thinking about. We have to make a transition from a low-income country to being a middle-income country. The good news is that some of our states, like Goa, Sikkim and Gujarat, are close to achieving these. We have examples within our country, but we have to find the right development trajectory that will enable our low-income states to transform into middle-income states,” said Sinha. Read More…


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