Aviation Expo is just the start

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone involved with the Lismore Aviation Expo last weekend, including all the people who came along to support it. Our airport has a bright future with new innovative businesses opening here and calling Lismore home.

Recently I had two very important meetings about the heart of our city.

The first was with Southern Cross University to discuss its future involvement in local events and community initiatives.

I must give a lot of credit to the new VC Adam Shoemaker and his team. They are really getting the university to value Lismore and reconnect with everything that happens here so that locals know we are a university town.

The second meeting was with the regional flood recovery committee to hear an independent report about what happened during the flood. More importantly, it will tell us what we can do, and mainly what the State Government can do as the responsible emergency management organisation, to avoid the devastation witnessed earlier this year.

I know a lot of organisations have fed into this report, so it will tell us the best ways our local teams can work with the state co-ordinators when an extreme weather event is predicted. Local knowledge has served us well in the past and I believe it will be a big part of improving flood prediction, awareness and recovery in the future.

We will also begin the difficult task of improving our flood mitigation infrastructure so the impact of future big floods is reduced.

The council will not be sacrificing anyone, so residents in North and South Lismore can be assured that any work that is done will protect them and decrease the flood impacts.

We are recovering together and Lismore future is very bright. Keep supporting our local businesses and have faith in each other.


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