AvGeeks Gather at Planespotting Mecca In-N-Out by LAX for Annual #Dorkfest

Image: Howard Slutsken

APEX Insight: It’s some burgers, it’s some planes, it’s…Dorkfest!

We’re counting down to APEX EXPO in Long Beach, but it’s not the only aviation event happening in the Los Angeles area this week.

Earlier today, a huge group of planespotters and #AvGeeks gathered by the legendary In-N-Out Burger on Sepulveda, just north of the runways at Los Angeles International Airport.

The #Dorkfest, organized by Brett Snyder – aka @crankyflier – attracted aviation enthusiasts from all over the US, Canada and Europe, some of whom were already in the LA area for EXPO.

Your intrepid reporter was joined by APEX Media’s illustrious digital editor at the event, where conversations stopped every time a plane swooped over for landing.

Many of the #Dorkfest attendees were also AvGeeking out in LA for the 4th Annual Spotters Trip – #SPOTLAX17 – organized by NYC Aviation’s Phil Derner.


Howard Slutsken

Howard has been passionate about aviation since he was a little kid, and is a pilot who loves to fly gliders and just about anything else with wings. He’s a frequent contributor to aviation magazines and blogs.


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