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Last week we talked about different amounts of insurance coverage.  This week let’s talk about the different TYPES of insurance coverage.  

We often hear people say that they have full coverage insurance believing that that means that they are absolutely fully covered.   That is not usually the case.  Legally, you are supposed to have coverage for the other person’s medical bills and injuries as well as damage to their property.  People who have collision coverage are covered for the actual cash value of the vehicle or the cost to repair it.  Collision only covers losses covered by another automobile.  Comprehensive coverage also covers wind, hail, storm and other acts of man or nature not covered by collision.  This also is limited to the value of the car or its repair.  

Remember that there is a duty on behalf of the person who buys insurance to notify the insurance company of an accident or a claim.  If you don’t notify them that there is a claim or could be a claim, they don’t have to pay it after a certain amount of time, depending on the length of the delay.  

I always and consistently suggest that everyone carry uninsured motorist coverage.  That will cover medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering if the other person does not have insurance or enough insurance.  This type of insurance covers the person and not a particular vehicle.  That means if you have uninsured motorist coverage and you’re injured by an uninsured motorist while you’re swimming, you have that coverage available to pay your bills.  

Another type of coverage that is important is medical payment coverage.  Typically, $1,000, $2,000 or $5000 are common amounts and that coverage is supposed to pay your out-of-pocket medical expenses for you and your passengers without regard to fault.    

Liability coverage is insurance against legal liability for the injury of death of another person or for the damage to their property.  These policies obligate the insurance company to pay up to the policy limit all sums of money that their insured becomes obligated to pay because of injury or death or damage of property arising out of the use of the insured car.  

Buckle up, drive safely and as always your referrals are appreciated! 

Buckle up, drive safely and as always your referrals are appreciated! 

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