Automobile company fires its brand manager after he fails to include any seductive element in the ad.

Mumbai. A brand manager of a car manufacturing company was fired yesterday after he was unable to include any seductive element in the TV ad campaign for its upcoming new car. Reportedly, the brand manager was being too rational and even asked the significance of including seductive element in the ad to his seniors. Faking News has the full story here.

Brand manager, Abhinav Thakkar, was working on his new project of making an advertisement campaign for the new car that his company is launching this winter. On Friday, Abhinav presented the first draft of the ad to his seniors. Draft speaks about the various new features new car will have. As per the first draft car will feature Hardik Pandya showing how car performs better than any other car from same segment.

 ‘What is this?’ asked one of the seniors to whom Abhinav presented the marketing campaign draft. Abhinav didn’t understand either the question or the tone. One of the board members asked Abhinav “Where’s the sex and seduction element? Perplexed Abhinav questioned “What’s the significance?” after which he was fired. Abhinav was asked to leave immediately and even his notice period was also waived off.

Faking News reporter spoke to one of the seniors, Mr. Prahlad Makkar, Prahlad said, “Abhinav has been in this ad world from past seven years, but it seems he hasn’t learn anything. When people buy any product the only thing they look for is if that product can make their chance of getting laid any better”.

From Katrnia Kaif seducing a mango in an advertisement of Mango Slice, Aamsutra to Deepika Padukone seductively having noodles in Axis Bank advertisement we have set a trend that to sell anything you have to have a seductive element in ads. What you make today’s generation see will decide how your next generation is going to be. What’s the need of sanctioning budgets for CSR (Corporate social responsibility) if you are damaging more than benefiting?


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