Australia Downgrades Aviation Terror Threat Four Days After Disclosing Plot


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Australia downgraded Thursday its aviation terror threat level just three days after the country’s security forces disclosed plans for a prepared attack on a passenger jet, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — On Sunday, Turnbull said that four people, suspected of preparing a plot to bring down an airplane, were detained during counterterror raids conducted in the Australian city of Sydney. The aviation terror level threat was subsequently upgraded from possible to probable.

“The Director-General of ASIO [the Australian Security Intelligence Organization] has advised the threat to aviation will be restored to the level it was a week ago… It was raised, as you know, last week, following the discovery of this plot. But it has now been restored to the level it was before,” Turnbull said, as quoted by the media outlet.

The prime minister pointed out that national airports would continue to implement enhanced security measures.

“As the leader of our nation, my first duty is to keep Australians safe… That is the fundamental obligation. The fundamental responsibility of government,” Turnbull stated.

The Australian prime minister added that the terror threat was constant, and becomes more sophisticated and challenging all the time.


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