Artist Cher files lawsuit against LA billionaire over health care stock

Cher is suing a prominent billionaire and a health care company because she allegedly felt “duped” about the value of drug stocks in which she invested, the Los Angeles Times reported.

In a lawsuit filed Friday, the entertainer accuses surgeon and entrepreneur Patrick Soon-Shiong of fraud related to investments in a Florida-based biopharmaceutical company Altor, the Times reported.

Soon-Shiong’s spokesperson told the Times that the suit had “no merit.” Soon-Shiong is also known for investing in Tronc Inc., which owns the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and other American news outlets.

In 2013, Cher bought her stake in Altor, then sold it back to the company early last year at $1.50 per share — “an unreasonably below-market price,” the Times reported the suit says.

Yet when the singer and actress was asked to sell back her stock, she claims she wasn’t informed that Altor was developing a promising drug to treat HIV/AIDS and cancer, according to the Times.

Soon-Shiong then acquired the outstanding shares of Altor, which have since skyrocketed in value. According to Cher’s suit, the company is now valued at more than $1 billion.

Other defendents include Altor Acquisition LLC, Altor cofounder Hing C. Wong and Fred Middleton, a vice chairman of Altor’s board.

Read the full story at the Los Angeles Times.


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