Agricultural Aviation Recognises Outstanding Performance

Agricultural Aviation Recognises Outstanding

The New Zealand Agricultural Aviation
Association is pleased to confirm the winners of two awards
presented at the Aviation Leadership Gala Awards Dinner in
Hamilton on Tuesday 25 July.

‘These awards recognise
operational excellence and outstanding industry leadership
in agricultural aviation,’ said Alan Beck, Chairman of the
NZ Agricultural Aviation Association (NZAAA).

year’s awards went to:

Brian Casey for his contribution
to the development of the aerial top dressing industry in
New Zealand. Brian is Chief Pilot of Phoenix Aviation in
Gore and has 45 years flying experience. During this time,
he has clocked up nearly 30,000 hours in the air and has
spread around 400,000 tonnes of fertiliser. While enjoying
the independence of flying, Brian has been a role model to
company employees and the industry generally for his
approach to safe flying, and is proud of his accident free
flying record.

Jim Burtenshaw from CAA for his
contribution to the Down to the Wire campaign. Jim is the
Manager of the Safety Investigation Unit at the Civil
Aviation Authority. Down to the Wire was developed by NZAAA
to alert farmers to the risks posed to agricultural pilots
by wires on farms and to encourage their removal. Jim was
instrumental on the part of the regulator in encouraging the
development of Down to the Wire and has worked closely with
Worksafe to publish a wire safety notice.

‘Both are
thoroughly deserved recipients – it is great to be a part of
an industry that can honour both its own and those outside
the industry who bring significant positive benefits to
us,’ said Beck.

Presenting these awards was Alan
Beck’s last official duty as Chairman of the NZAAA. He has
completed his term as Chairman and was replaced at the NZAAA
AGM by Tony Michelle, Amuri Helicopters, Hanmer Springs.

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