AAA Revival Glidden Tour starts Sunday in Hastings

Nebraskans can expect to see more than 100 vintage vehicles on the roadways over the next week. Rose White, Public Affairs Director for Triple-A Nebraska says a one of a kind antique auto tour is making a long overdue tour to the state starting Sunday.

White says, “The Revival AAA Glidden Tour is the oldest and largest annual antique automobile tour and it is coming to central Nebraska September 17th – 22nd. The week-long tour will be based at the Adams County Fairgrounds in Hastings and will feature some 126 vintage vehicles all made prior to 1943.”

The last time the tour passed through Nebraska was 108 years ago. It ran from 1904 to 1913 and was held to demonstrate the reliability of the automobile as basic transportation and encourage the development of safe roads, dependable driving information including maps and signage.  It was also developed to encourage the expansion of the automotive industry and service.

White says this year’s participants will visit some of the same towns that were part of the 1909 tour and travel along part of the original route. Each day the vehicles will travel from Hastings to towns and attractions in central Nebraska like the Kearney Archway, Pioneer Village and the Stuhr Museum.  They will also stop at various coffee shops, community centers and on main streets throughout the area.

White says participants are traveling to Nebraska from across the country. She says people are coming in from Texas, New York, California, Florida and Washington.

Details about the tour can be found at

Photo: Courtesy of the Detroit Public Library.

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