9XM CRO is an aviation geek, a health freak and a doting father all rolled into one…

If there is one thing that Pawan Jailkhani, CRO of 9XM, is passionate about, it is anything related to aviation. 


 “I am an aviation geek. I have a strange passion for aircrafts, airbuses and airports. I would explore them repeatedly. I know which aircraft is Boeing 737, and which is an Airbus. I would know their each and every part,” says Jailkhani with a big grin. 


He also shares that for him the time spent on an aircraft is the best time to plan and strategise sans any interruptions. 


Travel he says is the most exciting part of his job. “The nature of my job is such that I need to travel a lot. My weekend would start from Saturday when I would be in a flight heading from a different city back to Mumbai.”


Having lived in all major metros of the country including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore, Jailkhani, who hails from Mumbai, holds a special place in his heart for the city. “Mumbai has its own vibe and culture. However, my second preference would be Bangalore,” he adds.


Jailkhani is also an ardent traveller and loves revisiting cities, sometimes even several times, to understand the local culture, places, food and people.


Coming back to his weekends, Jailkhani when not travelling for work travels to Pune to catch up with his teenage son who is studying there. 


“Apart from being an aviation geek, my biggest unwinding and weekend activities have always been reading and talking to my son and nurturing him to become one of the finest human beings,” says the doting father.


Long conversations and exchanging notes with his son, shares Jailkhani, has been one of the best parts of his chilled out weekends for the longest time. “I love my conversations with him and they become more interesting when we travel together over long drawn discussions,” he adds.





An avid reader, Jailkhani loves reading self-help books, particularly biographies, political and history subjects over weekends. One of his favourite and most inspiring biography is that of Steve Jobs. “I would call it both a biography and a self-help book. I find him inspirational for his courage to come out of his failures and wrong decisions and build up another successful venture,” he says.  


On the spiritual front, his weekend comprises an early morning visit to Siddhivinayak temple at Prabhadevi. Jailkhani, who rarely finds time for going to the gym or yoga, keeps himself fit by managing his diet well and ensuring that he does not miss a run on the Worli seaface on Sunday mornings. “I have a very strong will power to maintain a healthy diet. If I am healthy today I give 80% credit to my dietary habits,” adds Jailkhani.


When done with aviation, reading and family time, Jailkhani loves socialising with friends and extended family. Music is an inevitable part of his life as he runs the business and finance for a company that has four music channels under its umbrella. However, he claims that it’s his wife who adds music to his life. “My wife likes music and on weekends when I am at home I end up listening to the music she is listening to, or even humming sometimes,” he says.



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