1st Armored Division Combat Aviation Brigade to join Puerto Rico relief effort

EL PASO, Texas – The Ft. Bliss-based 1st Armored Division is sending its Combat Aviation Brigade to Puerto Rico in support of Hurricane Maria relief efforts.

More than 300 Soldiers will deploy along with eight Black Hawk and six Chinook helicopters.  They’ll begin leaving as soon as today.   

Members of the CAB headquarters, 2-501st General Support Aviation Battalion, 3-501st Assault Helicopter Battalion, and 127th Aviation Support Battalion will all participate in the mission, which will continue as long as needed.  

A news release from Ft. Bliss says the top priority of the CAB while deployed to Puerto Rico is to support FEMA and local authorities in Puerto Rico, and to provide life-saving and life-sustaining support to those in the affected areas.

Their aircraft will be taken to the devastated U.S. Territory inside massive Air Force cargo planes.

The exact nature of their mission is not yet clear.  Chief Warrant Officer Peter Klein told ABC-7 that it may involve transport of food, water and fuel to the most afflicted areas.


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